Choose a University in Ukraine.

How to choose the best university in Ukraine

Now you are about to continue or renew your studies in Ukraine and are unsure about the most important question – which Ukrainian university to choose. We are here to help you in this process. To know that we only work with universities that we have tested ourselves according to several criteria. So to make a wise choice keep reading this article.

Our criteria for evaluating good universities

Throughout the preparation period of our project, our teams frequently visited Ukrainian universities to evaluate them. The criteria on which they based themselves are:

  • The geographical situation of the establishments.
    We chose the universities located in the heart of the cities, because this position allows to have quick access to the cultural center of the city, is well served by public transport and is very accessible from any neighborhood.
  • Their reputation nationally and globally.
    It is essential that at the end of your training you have a diploma recognized not only in Ukraine but also in Europe. The best Ukrainian universities are members of the Bologna Process, which makes it possible to have European teaching and evaluation standards. In addition, they collaborate fruitfully with several universities in Europe.
  • The diversity and the quality of teaching proposed.
    It is important that the student has a wide choice of options for his studies and that they are of an irreproachable level. The selection of universities consists of higher education institutions that include dozens of faculties and hundreds of different study paths to train real professionals in the field.
  • The cost of studies.
    An essential criterion for a foreign student who will also have to worry about the costs for housing, food, etc. The state universities selected by our teams have affordable prices and have a range of scholarship programs to partially cover the expenses of Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian students.
  • The national and cultural diversity
    The national and cultural diversity of a university, the establishment of means to accommodate foreign students also remains a key factor. We have been concerned about establishing partnerships with institutions that offer language courses to students from other countries, who know how to adapt to them and where there is a warm atmosphere of welcoming young people from other cultures.
  • The student life.
    Active student life also plays an important role in your teaching because it allows you to flourish, rest and express your talents. We have chosen universities or you will never get bored!

Which universities have caught our attention?

For several years now we have been actively collaborating with:

  • National Radio-Electronics University of Kharkiv;
  • National Medical University of Kharkiv;
  • Dnipropetrovsk state medical academy;
  • Several Kiev Universities.

These establishments have proved their worth and are highly appreciated by our Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian students. We invite you to join those lucky ones who had the opportunity to study! Choose from the list of Ukrainian universities accredited by Morocco and European countries and start your education now!

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