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To ensure your places in Ukrainian universities, Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian students are invited to visit our center for more facilities. Here we care about you! Our staff prepare your admission file and accompany you throughout your administrative procedures. We will now want to inform you about how to register.


The three stages of admission

The procedure for admitting African students to our center is done in three stages:

First step: Contact our teams 

You can contact our center by phone, email, mail or make a physical appointment. Our collaborator will ask you about your personal and academic background and your training wishes. He will also answer any questions and suggest you to make a prescription online.

Second step: Prepare the application file

After having done the pre-registration, the candidate will have to deposit his academic file in one of the partner universities of our center. It will be requested to provide several documents. Copies of the passport, diplomas obtained (at least the baccalaureate), transcripts accompanied by a completed admission form will be forwarded to the institution of higher education. At this stage our teams will also be at your disposal to help you.

Third step: Send the file

The person attached to the student is responsible for moving to the university chosen by the candidate and to file his file in person with the admissions committee. The candidate will then receive confirmation from the university via email. He will know his eligibility or ineligibility in the months following his application and if his application is successful he can begin to prepare his trip. Once again our teams assist with obtaining the visa, booking flights, transfer from the airport etc.


The administrative steps to obtain the study visa.

The process of obtaining a student visa is complex and time consuming. We know that students from Morocco, Algeria or Tunisia will have trouble doing it themselves and that’s why we take care of all the formalities that this process requires. You will only have to send us the requested documents and we will make a request to your Embassies in Ukraine so that you can obtain your study permit as soon as possible.


Air tickets and transfer from the airport.

We also take care of finding and booking air tickets at affordable prices for foreign students. Upon arrival, a receptionist will meet you with a sign in your name. He will then take you to your hotel or student residence reserved in advance by our teams. An online meeting before your departure and physical on the Ukrainian territory will be organized to guide you and give you instructions on each step.

Registering for our center means facilitating all your steps to study in Ukraine. A personalized service, a warm welcome, the best quality of support are guaranteed.

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