Register for preparatory courses to successfully enter the University of Ukraine

Students from African countries who are committed to continuing their studies in Ukraine must be prepared to face a number of difficulties. The first is the language barrier. The second is the lack or insufficiency of education to access the education of their choice. Finally, crop differences can also cause significant discomfort. To avoid all these problems and ensure a smooth immersion we offer Moroccan, Tunisian and all African students to take preparatory courses in Ukraine. What does this university preparation consist of and how long does it last? What useful knowledge does it acquire and what benefits will it bring? We will tell you everything in this article dedicated to bringing you all the answers to your questions!

Ukrainian or Russian language course to overcome the language barrier

The very first thing to consider if you want to study in Ukraine is knowledge of Russian and/or Ukrainian. This element is very important because the English courses in Ukrainian universities are almost non-existent. Also, not to be lost in class you must first study the Russian language. Our preparatory course allows you to learn the language in 2 semesters during which students will become familiar with the grammar, syntax, pronunciation, and lexicon of Russian or Ukrainian. At the end of the preparatory year, students will obtain a diploma certifying their level in the language studied. But to have it they will have to pass some oral and written tests. Our center puts in place many ways to help you learn the Russian language:

  • Organization of conversation clubs with language bearers.
  • Provides access to municipal libraries. You will find books, newspapers, magazines to read in Russian.
  • Organize movie club nights with movies in Russian so you can get used to listening to this language.

Bridging gaps to reach the level required for training

Throughout the year, in parallel with language courses, Moroccan, Tunisian and all African students students will learn subjects related to their study options. Our teachers will allow them to perfect their knowledge, fill in gaps. As a result, they will have the required level to access the training and will have more confidence.

Learn Ukrainian culture – an essential element for perfect studies.

Culture in Ukraine differs from that in African countries. Ukrainians have their traditions, their rites, habits, ways to do things, etc. So that you do not get lost and can adapt quickly to your new surroundings we will be happy to share with you our knowledge about history, civilization in the form of workshops available to you during the 2 semesters.

Dates and conditions of admission

Admissions of foreign students to preparatory classes begin on September 15th. They continue until the end of December. To start these courses they must first apply for admission to Ukrainian universities. To qualify they must meet the following conditions:

  • Possess their Baccalaureate (have at least 10/20 in all subjects).
  • Be under the age of 28

University registration requires the preparation of the candidate file which consists of such pieces:

  1. Copy of the passport;
  2. Copy of diplomas obtained (Baccalaureate and possibly other certificates);
  3. Copy of transcripts;
  4. Admission form (if applicable);
  5. Proof of payment of the costs of the file.

Once the file is complete, the candidate must send it to the Ukrainian university in order to obtain a registration letter confirming his / her admission to the higher education institution. It is the latter that gives you access to our preparatory courses.

Do not delay with the filing of the files and if you have the least concern, question? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information samlpes.

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