Studying Architecture in Ukraine: Education, Universities, Benefits

The architect is a key occupation in the construction industry. Architecture establishes the concepts of buildings, buildings, makes researches and calculations necessary, presents his project to the customers, monitors the progress of the constructions and finally gives the keys. To be good at architecture you should have the following strengths:

  • The rigor. In fact, the person who deals with construction must apply to the work they do because we are dealing with people’s lives. If the architect is wrong in his calculations the building may collapse. The impact caused by this error will be very important.
  • Proactivity is also another very important quality that architects need to have. A good specialist in his field must be able to provide ideas quickly to the client. He must know how to manage his time well because the time required by clients for certain projects can be very short. On the other hand, he could often be confronted with unforeseen and delays on the site. So he must be able to adapt to the changes and make sure that the work continues quickly.
  • The creativity and the sense of the designer. Sometimes an architect will have to build not a typical building, but an original building. Also he will have to use his imagination to present a project with all the details (ground plan, sections, perspectives, other plans etc).
    Have a good general knowledge and solid knowledge of history. These qualities are indispensable for renovating old buildings such as museums, theaters, operas, etc.

How to become an architect in Ukraine?

n Ukraine a multitude of universities offer Moroccan, Tunisian and Algerian students architectural studies. These institutions of higher education are present in the largest cities – Kiev, Kharkiv, Poltava, Dnipro etc. There are also multiple different courses.

  • Architecture study of buildings and structures;
  • Industrial construction;
  • Architecture and urban development;
  • Urban planning;
  • Design and industrial design;
  • Fine arts and decorative art.

The teaching takes place in 3 cycles – Bachelor (4 years), Master (2 years) and Doctorate (2 years). After each cycle the student writes a dissertation. The latter is done in the form of a construction project, renovation or decoration according to the chosen specialty.

What are the benefits for students from North African countries?

  1. Universities that provide high-level qualifying training.
  2. Ability to familiarize with building standards, ISO other than in your home country. Also learn from different different techniques and methods.
  3. Ability to follow free training thanks to numerous scholarships.
  4. Possibility of housing on campus.
  5. Diploma recognized in many European countries.

Career opportunities and salaries at the end of architectural education

After studying in Ukraine, Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian students will be able to move towards a career as an architect, landscape designer, urban planner, interior decorator, researcher or even a teacher at the university.

The trades related to architecture are well paid. The salaries of young graduates start with 1500 € gross and can reach 2500 € gross for a professional.

It is certain that this job requires a lot of personal commitment, good intellectual abilities, a creative spirit and an ease with the computer tools with which any architect will have to work. What does it take to be a good professional? Have all these qualities and have a high-level degree from a better university. So if the first requirement depends only on your personality, with the second we are ready to help you. In our center we guide you and accompany you in your studies in Ukraine. We have the best universities for you to succeed in your architectural training.

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