Study IT in Ukraine: opportunities and salary

If you are wondering what is the most profitable specialty today we will answer you that it is computer science. Indeed, with the development of new technologies and the computerization of life – good programmers are highly valued. They easily get work in the structures they want. They have the opportunity to work from home freelance. And their salaries are the dream of all people who have not yet tasted this job: programmers can afford to have a luxurious life. But to succeed, you have to be very perseverant in your studies. Many possibilities are offered to those who want to become more familiar with this area, discover it from the inside.

Why to study informational technologies in Ukraine

  1. A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Proposed by the famous Ukrainian universities this license allows you to prepare in 4 years your diploma to be quickly operational on the labor market. Students gain solid knowledge in programming, computer architecture, algorithmics, databases, systems and networks, internet technologies etc.
  2. A professional master’s degree. Prepares in two years and is accessible after the validation of the 1st cycle of graduate studies (License) in computer science. It now allows a more specialized orientation and specialization. The candidate could indeed consider continuing in the following ways:
    • Computer engineer;
    • IT Project Manager;
    • Software Architect or Application Developer;
    • Developer on mobile platforms or developer for the web;
    • Researcher or trainer in computer science.
      The list does not stop here: with the evolution of the new technologies the new professions do not cease to appear regularly. This consequently causes the necessity in the development of new formations. Universities are not always able to adapt to the pace of progress. As a result, private institutions take over and offer short-term qualifying courses: 6 or 12 months.

3. Training of private institutions. Are meant to make you learn new technologies, techniques and methods in computer science without a lot of theory. Mostly practical courses, continuous assessment of students’ knowledge, work with professionals in the field and the possibility of hiring afterwards – are the main axes of this learning.

The benefits of IT specialization

    • Salaries are much higher than the average, we earn well our lives.
    • We do not stay locked in an office. Indeed, it is a profession where we have the means to be very mobile; you just have to think about taking your PC with you.
    • You are in constant personal development, acquiring new knowledge and skills. You can move quickly from Junior to Senior via Midle. Each step is accompanied by salary increase and the acquisition of new responsibilities.
    • You can first work in a company to get your hands on the job. You could then start your own start-up.

For Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian who wish to become a programmer study in Ukraine is a good opportunity. The higher institutions warmly welcome African students who also wish to have a course on engineering studies. So if you feel like it, we promise you will make a good choice! Your future is in your hands and the future of the world is in the hands of computer science!

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