Medicine: a popular sector that offers great career opportunities

Every year, the medical sector welcomes thousands of students from North Africa: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, who are ready to devote several years to their education to become highly qualified professionals. Motivations differ from person to person.

Want to be useful to people. Most students are studying medicine in Ukraine to practice dentistry, veterinary, surgeon, generalist etc, to serve people and listen to them. They want to leave their mark, to borrow from the world, to provide support and make a contribution to the lives of others.

The desire to learn. Medicine is a sector where we never stop learning, to discover every day something new about our body, its behavior, on new technologies.
Because it is a prestigious sector that brings a lot of money thereafter. The financial side of this job is important but it should not be important because the courses are quite complex and require a lot of personal commitment. So you have to choose this profession by vocation. Otherwise, you may get bored or have a lot of trouble learning.

In Ukraine, Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian students have the opportunity to study in this field at the National Medical University of Kharkiv. This establishment is ranked high in the rank of the best Ukrainian universities. The training lasts 6 years minimum with 2 years in internat in public or private structures of health. This is a real commitment for a large part of your life so you must first and foremost think about your career plan and be endowed with the following qualities.

  • Have a great desire to learn.
  • Be benevolent and listen to others.
  • Know how to manage stress and be emotionally stable.
  • Have a good sense of observation and analysis.
  • If you find your personality in the required qualities, if the good of others is essential for you, if you aim for the development of knowledge throughout your life then this job is for you. Join the talents of the Kharkov National Medical University right now.

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