All about pharmacology studies in Ukraine

You live in North Africa but dream of seeing other countries? You are passionate about the field of health but do not know exactly which path to specialize? Study in pharmacology in Ukraine. You could certainly study pharmacy in Morocco, but the benefits for African students to follow a course in Ukrainian institutions are many. So it’s worth trying to integrate them.


Why study pharmacology in Ukraine?

When you go to the pharmacy you must have the impression that you have in front of the simple sellers as in a traditional supermarket. However, this is not the case: the profession of the pharmacist is very complex. It requires solid knowledge in medicine, chemistry, and biology. To work in a pharmacy – public or private you must have a specialized degree.

Moroccan, Tunisian and Algerian students are lucky enough to obtain a pharmacist degree at one of the Ukrainian universities. They will have to devote 5 years to their studies. But if they prefer to continue in research – they have the opportunity by turning to the Ph.D. that will require 2 more years.


Job description: what does the pharmacist do?

  • He welcomes and advises patients. He also executes your prescriptions, explains you the dosage and the route of admission of the prescribed drugs.
  • He buys and supplies medicines to his pharmacy. It is also likely to recover the expired drugs to destroy them and thereby preserve the environment.
  • He could be your contact person in case you have any impediments to a doctor but urgently need medical advice.
  • This job is very interesting and exciting. If you have empathy for people, love to serve them and relieve them in difficult times – you would be an ideal pharmacist.

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