Ukrainian educational system

Ukrainian higher education: organization, recognition, diplomas

Are you about to embark on a new adventure and finally decide to go to Ukraine to study? You are right! This perspective will bring you a lot of personal and professional opportunities. Indeed, in Ukraine you can flourish culturally but also get solid knowledge in different fields by integrating its best universities. It is a country that has given birth to many scientists, doctors, chemists, astronauts, poets who are known around the world. So why not join them?

Structure of higher education in Ukraine

The student has the opportunity to follow a curriculum on 3 levels according to his professional and personal goals.

– The Bachelor is the first cycle of higher studies and allows you to get the job of your specialization. It is equivalent to the license (Bac 3) in Morocco. However it prepares in 4 years in Ukraine and gives access to the continuation of studies at the second cycle named Master.

– The Master is prepared in two years and allows you to acquire deeper knowledge in the chosen field and to specialize further. The Master’s courses combine both theoretical and practical aspects. An internship is mandatory at the end of the first and second year of study. The writing of one or two dissertations according to the chosen specialty will be necessary for the validation of your curriculum.

– The Doctorate or PhD is the third postgraduate course intended for students wishing to pursue research. The validation of the Master is necessary for access to the doctorate.

The Bologna system in Ukrainian universities

From 2005 Ukrainian universities joined the Bologna process. It consists of bringing together European higher education systems. It is thanks to this integration that institutions now offer training in three cycles (previously there was a Specialist diploma that was prepared in one year after obtaining the Bachelor). On the other hand with the implementation of the Bologna process in Ukrainian universities it is also the rating system that has undergone changes. Today exams and tests are scored differently. For the exams one obtains ECTS marks and for the tests “successful” or “failed”.

A (95 to 100) – is the highest mark that a student can earn for an exam or practical work.

B- (95 to 85) – corresponds to Good, therefore to results above average. However, there are a small number of shortcomings.

C (85 to 80) – fits quite well. It is a result to evaluate a good job but with a number of shortcomings.

D (80 – 75) – corresponds to Satisfactory, so a job that has gaps but still remains correct.

E (75-60) – Fair. The work provided remains very modest and meets the minimum criteria.

Fx – The student should take the catch-up to validate the subject.

F – The student no longer has the right to retake the material.

The academic year

Back to school starts on September 1st and classes are completed on June 30th. The academic year is divided into two semesters with holidays of 2 weeks in winter and two months in summer. Each semester ends with an assessment of students’ knowledge.

Now you know everything about the Ukrainian educational system and can therefore pack your bags to study there as soon as possible! We are waiting for you!

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